Nov 3, 2021 · Wendy Scholten · Digishots · Youngsters & ridden 30 oct - 2 nov

The fact that is getting more famous world-wide was demonstrated on Tuesday-night 3 November by the spectacular number of 16 countries that made their purchases there online. The showjumping horses aged 2- to 7-yr-olds were promptly sold.

“The last few days were rather intense”, says Mario Everse, who is running the auctions together with Waldman. “There was a lot of action. We received many messages and telephone calls. What I thought remarkable about this auction was the many amateur riders buying. They are getting more confident about buying a horse online. Indeed, we had a large group of horses on offer that were suitable for them.”

Word by mouth
Besides amateurs there were also professionals that came shopping again in this 16th edition. “We have noticed that advertising by word of mouth is beginning to play a very important role. Buyers are enthusiastic about the horses they receive in their stables and talk about that, so more and more people dare to buy horses from us. That makes it great fun, also for the sellers. Sales are going smoothly and the prices are fair on average. We have already received the first applications for our Christmas auction from 18 to 21 December. Because of Covid-19 sales off-stables is possibly going somewhat slow and, in any case, via you appeal to a large international public.”

The most expensive horse, going for 34,000 euro, was Cabano (Cornet Obolensky x Cordalme), who will go to France. The 6-yr-old Kosstello (Calvino x Carthino W) and Princes Cornetta (Cornet Obolensky x Cassini II) depart for Italy, for 32,000 and 28,000 euro, respectively.

A Polish buyer had her sights set on the 3-yr-old Obama van de Wouw (O’Neill van ’t Eigenlo) and Chardonna (Clarimo), for which she paid 24,000 and 30,000 euro. The 4-yr-old Mirror WV (Eldorado van de Zeshoek) will travel to the USA for 24,000 euro. The 5-yr-old pony Kamal van Orchid’s (Kanshebber), which is almost ready to start his sport career, was bought by a German buyer for 16,000 euro.

Selection days
For the Christmas auction two selection- annex photo/video-days are planned at Stal Everse in Waddinxveen. On Monday 22 November the youngsters will do free jumping, on Tuesday 3 November there is the jumping under saddle. Entries can be made here


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