We've received many questions from you and we thought it would be a good idea to post them online including our answers. Good luck with the bidding!


How can I bid without checking all the time?
So, instead of bidding with the minimum amount each time, you can also upgrade your bid with the plus sign so you will not get overbid so quickly.

How does it work with the VAT?
If you have an EU VAT nr. and exporting the horse, the invoice becomes netto/zero for the horse. So no VAT if the horses is exported withing 90 days overseas.

Where can I find the X-rays?
When you are registered on the website, you will get acces to all X-rays of the auction horses. Most people like to show them to their own vet, but if that's not possible you always can ask us for advise. Our vets views all X-rays. So, if you want to know more about it, give us the name(s) of the horses and we'll send you their opinion.

Can you organize the shipping?
We can organize all things on this end for shipping . Let me know if you have anymore questions. If you want to know more about the prizes, please contact transport company International Horse Service.

What are the costs to keep the horses with you to get started and broke?
It's no problem to leave the horses as long as you like for us to develop them for you. We do this all the time. Prices are 150-200 field, box and turn out 250-400 and training 1000 per month. All in euro and exception of vet bills.

Are the horses insured?
Our horses are not insured. Of course you are free to do so yourself. We are glad to help you with that if needed.

Are you planning to take in other people’s horses for the next auctions?
Yes, we'll always create the possibility for other people/ breeders to put her horses in. We have a strict rule, that the horse is to our standard. So, horse we should buy with our own money. / This is our way to help others to still do business in these times. Off course we only auction horses in which we believe in ourselves.

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