Feb 14, 2021 · Wendy Scholten · DigiShots · On Tour group Spain - 1 March offers a lavish collection. The ninth edition of the online showjumping horse auction from Mario Everse and Alan Waldman will be a real special one. On Monday 1 March about ten showjumping horses come under the hammer that are currently starting in the Sunshine Tour in Spain. One day later around twenty horses are in the picture that remained in the Netherlands.

“With this set-up we want to further expand the auction. Last year we strongly focussed on selling the so-called ‘rough diamonds’, but we also have many already well trained horses, of course. Some of them were born here with us eight or nine years ago and we know them very well. But it is difficult for foreign buyers to come over and try them out because of all the Covid-19 rules. The solution is that they are tried out in Spain, where a very large group of riders is active that can test our horses for potential buyers”, Mario Everse explains.

Last week the first clear rounds were jumped under the Spanish sun, after almost half a year of competition silence. “Because of the lockdown there have not been any competitions in the Netherlands since October. It is a good thing that the horses can now make some mileage and they are reacting well. Of course, it is quite unique that some of the auction horses can be seen at work in the ring in the next few weeks, which makes it very transparant. They are what they are, after all. And, sure, they may drop a pole. Both the horses and the riders have to get back into the rhythm. Besides, the action is all taking place outdoors and in large arena’s. However, we have full confidence in the quality of the horses and are not afraid to show them in this way.”

The 9-yr-old Heldorado (by Eldorado van de Zeshoek) for example, is jumping at 1.45m level. The 8-yr-old Big Heart Z (by Big Star) was already placed at 1.40m level. The 7-yr-old Zensational SR (by Zirocco Blue VDL) started by jumping three clear rounds and looks like becoming a horse for the big ring. There also are several youngsters, such as the 5-yr-old Lordley W (by George Z), who is heading for a great career in showjumping or as a hunter.

Diverse collection
“The horses that are in Spain can already be tried out and we might add a few more for the auction. That also goes for the group of horses that remained in the Nederlands and that will be auctioned on Tuesday 2 March. Some of them are 4-yr-olds, but there is also a 10-yr-old with show experience. It is a very diverse, interesting collection”, says Mario Everse.

Reports and video’s
In the coming week the reports of the clinical and X-ray examinations will be displayed on the website. In addition, every day new show video’s will be put online. “And if anyone has further questions, they can always contact us. We know the horses top to bottom and will share all information with great pleasure and confidence.”

The online auction will open on Saturday 27 February at 12.00 hours on

Click here for the collection.

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