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He bid just once, at 50,000 euro, and he got him. A German top-class rider bought Monday night’s tastemaker at the 4-yr-old Heros van de Windelsteen Z.

“There are clients that contact us beforehand and there are some that log in at the last moment and place a bid. The latter was the German’s technique. It is really great that a special horse goes to a special rider. If we will not hear more of this horse in the sport, we will eat our hats”, laughs Mario Everse, auction organiser, together with Alan Waldman, and supplier of Heros van de Windelsteen (Hotspot Z x Odermus R) who was recommended as a ‘remarkable showjumping horse with Olympic scope’.

Two day auction
Monday 1 February 25 3- and 4-yr-old showjumping horses were auctioned, the majority of which got sold. On Tuesday 2 Febuary the auction will continue with part two. “We are looking forward to it. Of course, we had expected a little more from some of the horses tonight, but several others went better than we had hoped. That is auction life. I bought the 4-yr-old super sharp Couleur-Chin van het Eegdeken myself, who had showed an impressive take-off every time on the video day. The collection is so interesting that we make purchases here ourselves, too”, explains Mario Everse.

Worldwide sales
It was remarkable that several dealers came shopping, but also private buyers grabbed their chance. For 18,000 euro Neymar B (Comme il Faut x Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve) will go to France. For 17,000 euro Cornet’s Girl J-S Z (Cornet Obolensky x Lordanos) was sold to Belgium. There were also sales to, for example, Canada, the USA, Morocco, Italy, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

More special horses
The focus is now on Tuesday night. “We again have a number of very special horses in the collection.” The half-brother of Emerald, out of the same dam, is a popular one. Vangelis (Vagabond de la Pomme) and Serenity Prinseveld DSC (Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve) are special horses and interest in Ninerald van de Druivenstein (Emerald) is also high. “We also have a very good son of Dominator."

"I was in touch with Nelson Pessoa. He said: ‘If I were still young, I would buy several of these.’ That was great to hear. We are curious who will become the happy owners of these auction horses and who will manage to polish the ‘rough diamonds’. We are sure that the attentive bidder will be able to score something special for relatively little money”, tells Mario Everse.

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