Dec 25, 2021 · Wendy Scholten · Digishots · Youngsters & ridden 1 januari - 4 januari 2022

First of all, we wish you a Merry Christmas. Our focus is on family and friends this weekend, but we want to start the new year with a bang. The next Youhorse.auction is on the calendar from 1 to 4 January and the new collection is online.

How nice is it to buy a wonderful jumping horse, hunter or equitation horse as the first good intention?

We have several free jumpers online again, but also some older competition horses and horses that have just made their first jumps under the saddle. There are some fine amateur horses and horses that look very promising for a pro. We won’t be surprised to see them in the Grand Prix ring in the future!

And after the successful sales of the jumping ponies, we were able to find another one. Every day is a party with this Hieperdepiep. He does not only stands out because of his color, he also performs well at 1.00m level.

All the positive comments from the buyers in previous auctions only motivate us more. Take your time these days to view the new collection and know: we are ready to answer all your questions.


Merry Christmas

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