Mar 4, 2021 · Wendy Scholten · DigiShots · On Tour group NL - 2 March

In the next few weeks another group of showjumping horses will leave the Netherlands for destinations abroad. At this, the buyers were mainly foreigners. On day two of the auction, Tuesday 2 March, 4- to 10-yr-old showjumping horses were knocked down.

“It is good to see that, besides existing clients, also many new buyers are finding their way to our website”, says Mario Everse, who is running the online auction together with Alan Waldman. “We received many anxious calls and apps because of the rhino crisis. How about transport now? Horses may still be transported, but when people want to wait, that is also a possibility. We promised to keep them in our stables free of charge until the rhino virus is under control again.”

Many of the horses have to travel far. Dex-Star (Dexter R x Hinault) is going for 22,000 euro to Indonesia, where never yet sold a horse. Canazei Z (Cornet Obolensky x Kannan) will go to Ireland for 22,000 euro and Just Action RV (Action Breaker x Emilion), sold for 28,000 euro, gets a stable in Turkey. There were also sales to, amongst other places, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Spain and Dubai.

“We had planned the photo-video day for our April auction next week, but we have now decided hold off for a while because of the rhino virus. Equestrian activities are cancelled all around and we also believe that it is unwise to receive new horses in our stables. That means that we have to postpone our Easter auction. We will focus on the auction that runs from 1 to 4 May for young horses and horses under saddle. People can nevertheless already enter their horses now. The photo/video day will be on 12 April.”

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