Aug 24, 2020 · Young Horses & Ridden Horses (August 2020) has already reached it’s fifth edition. From Saturday 29 August to Tuesday 1 September online bids can be made on 52 showjumping horses aging from 2- to 9-yr-olds. The oldest even have experience on international 1.45m level. The collection can now be seen online.

Mario Everse and Alan Waldman are pleased that the auction is enthusiastically received. By both sellers and bidders. “Half of the horses are ours, the rest is from other owners and containing several remarkable horses. We believe that we offer a fine auction that caters for anything. At our last auction the prices paid in relation to the quality of the horses were really good.”

From totally green to horses with show experience
Of the 52 showjumping horses sixteen are already under saddle, from totally green to some with show experience. “We have also added several 2-yr-olds to the collection for their ancestries. They have sires such as Emerald and Comme il Faut, in high demand. So if you want to upgrade your stock or bolster your sport stables, you have ample choice.”

Interesting collection
It is, of course, remarkable that an international 1.45m level showjumping horse like Go-Go (Cardento x Lux) is put on auction. “He is good enough for a professional, but will also suit an amateur rider. Not saying anything about the other auction horses, the 5-yr-old Arezzo VDL daughter Kazelli VDL is really something special. Same applies to the 3-yr-olds Comilfo Plus Z x Inshallah de Muze and Diamant de Semilly x Vigo d’Arsouilles. It is a really interesting collection.”

The online auction runs from Tuesday 1 September from 20.30 hours in groups of five. If you want to place a bet, you should register via Seeing or trying out the horses is possible after arrangement.

Click here for the collection

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