Dec 11, 2021 · Wendy Scholten · Digishots · Youngsters & ridden 18 dec - 21 dec has put it’s staggering offer of 51 showjumping horses online. The Dutch auction from Mario Everse and Alan Waldman will celebrate its 17th edition and they expect world-wide sales again. The bidding runs from Saturday 18 to Tuesday 21 December. 

From green to 1.40m level
Of those 51 auction horses almost 30 are under saddle, at the age from 3,5 to 10-yr-olds. “Some have just been saddle-broken and are ready to jump a simple line of fences, other have even started at 1.40m level”, Mario Everse enthusiastically explains.

As is organised every month, the offer of horses has grown and selection has become stricter. The aim is to offer something for every budget, but the professionals can certainly get their fill.

Interestingly bred
“We have horses that are fantastic jumpers with very interesting pedigrees. Mr. Vindicat, for example, is a half-brother to Vindicat W, winner of team gold in the London Olympics. Lanaken is a full brother of HH Earley, the World Champion of the 5- and 6-yr-olds in Lanaken. Or look at Tangelina EH Z out of Carrera de Muze, daughter of the famous Walnut de Muze. She is not only an extraordinary jumper, she is also genetically very interesting for breeding.”

22 loose jumpers
The collection contains 22 younsters that can be assessed in free jumping. “Good showjumping horses, sometimes with unusual colours and markings. See Nevis Field, with Olympic potential and a very nice frontleg technique for a Thunder van de Zuuthoeve. We have horses with abnormal quality, such as the two Diarado’s. The great thing is, whether you want a ridden horse or a free jumper, both groups contain winners, horses for the higher courses and horses that can simply give you a lot of pleasure,” says Mario Everse.

Because this time the collection contains so many horses under saddle, Mario Everse and Alan Waldman would like to talk to people by telephone or in person. “We want buyers to know what they can expect and we want to find the horses good homes. There is nothing better than receiving the perfect Christmas present!”

The collection can be found here. If you rather wait to find a showjumping horse in the new year, you can always try your luck in the next auction that will run from 1 to 4 January.





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