Apr 20, 2020 · Wendy Scholten · Online auction 2 & 3 years old (April 2020)

The first online auction from has barely finished or Mario Everse and Alan Waldman are already talking about the next one. “Within the month”, they even promise. On Sunday-night 41 two- and three-year-old showjumping horses were sold to stables all over the world for a total amount of 514,000 euro. The Americans did some fanatic shopping, resulting in nine purchases, including the three most expensive horses.

In barely two weeks time Mario Everse from Waddinxveen and Alan Waldman from Putten put up the auction. Over a three day period six hundred bids were placed for the untrained ‘rough diamonds’ and the website received visitors from 89 different countries. “Isn’t that great? We are really very pleased. We noticed that regular clients bought the more expensive horses. That was a matter of confidence, but we also saw many buyers we did not know before. Well-known international riders came shopping, but also veterinarians. We had a bit of everything in our collection. From special talents, which you would have liked to keep yourself, to horses that went for less. There was something for every purse”, they say.

With ‘a bit of a heart-ache’ Mario Everse saw his breeding product Diavolo Z (Diarado x Cicero Z x Chin Chin) go. “A horse that would not have been in our way, but you can not only offer horses that you do not want to keep yourself. There have to be some real special ones among them and they made good money.” H5 Stables from Wellington, for example, placed the winning bid of 52,500 euro. For 29,000 euro Alan HST Z (Aganix du Seigneur x Heartbreaker) will move to Ocala. And also Ice-Berg Z (Iceman de Muze x Heartbreaker) is going to the USA for 21,000 euro.

Besides the nine sales to the USA, four horses were claimed by Poland and three by Abu Dhabi. There were also buyers from the Netherlands (but only two), Belgium, Sweden, Saudi-Arabia, Canada, Tsjechia, Austria, Great Britain and Ireland.

“Of course, some of the horses went for less than we had hoped for, but the average price was good. We noticed that the Corona-deal was also a persuasive factor. Foreigners can leave their horses with us, free of charge, until their export papers can be issued. But that is now also looking promising. We will decide later this week whether we will sell one more young horse lot or horses that are already under saddle.”


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