Oct 14, 2020 · Wendy Scholten · Digishots · Foals & young horses (okt 2020)

During the two day Youhorse.auction foreign clients grabbed what they could from the horse collection of Mario Everse and Alan Waldman. After almost all the sold foals had fallen into foreign hands, the next day again the majority of the riding horses were sold abroad. A former Grand Prix rider from Germany had designs on the auction highlight, the 3-yr-old Harley Star (Quick Star x Carthino Z) which she bought for 36,000 euro. She also acquired the 4-yr-old Lucas van de Blarinckhorst (Diamant de Semilly x Dark d’Amour) for 14,000 euro. 

Raised standard
“We can be satisfied about this auction! There were several horses that received bids that were considered not high enough by the sellers. Nevertheless, the majority of the horses got sold and we are very happy about that. We will most definitely continue with Youhorse.auction and want to raise the standard every time. The price/quality ratio is clearly visible. There is a lot of demand for horses that jump well and people are willing to pay for them”, say Mario Everse en Alan Waldman.

Christman auction
Waldman and Everse are planning yet another auction in 2020, the Christman auction. “And perhaps even one more before that time. We want to focus on the more exclusive riding horses, from 3-yr-olds upwards. That is what our clients keep coming back for. Owners can already send us their video’s. As soon as we know when the selection/video days will take place, we will let you know.”

World-wide sales
Tuesday-night again the buyers came from all over the world. Only five sold horses will stay in the Netherlands. A buyer from the Czech Republic obtained three horses. A Russian buyer got two, four each go to Germany and the USA, but also France, Great Britain, Poland and Belgium came to do some shopping.

For example, the 3-yr-old mares Renske van ’t Eigenlo (Echo van ’t Spieveld x Kannan) and Elmara’s Heywood HZ (Elvis ter Putte x No Limit) will leave for the USA for 26,000 and 24,000 euro, respectively. Renske is certainly no tall horse, standing 1.55m, but she jumps with a remarkable amount of quality and scope. Elmara’s Heywood HZ comes from the samen damline as Hickstead and is a cousin of Cambridge de Hus, which was recently sold by Jerôme Guery to Edwina Top-Alexander. 

Departing also for the USA is the 4-yr-old Lusinus van de Eijkhof (Dallas VDL x Germus) for 17,000 euro. For the same amount the 2-yr-old stallion Uganda Z (Untouchable x Emerald) will go to Belgium.

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