Sep 4, 2021 · Wendy Scholten · Young & ridden September.

The 14th Youhorse.auction has started. Online bidding is possible till Tuesday night 7 September CET.

We are very excited about the collection. Looking for something special? For sure we have the special ones in the auction, in term of color and quality.

Thank you so far for all your interest and online registrations. You're welcome to see and/or try the horses until Tuesday night. Not able to come over? We have add several new videos to the website.

In this auction we have 2 year and older horses for sale. Most of them (the youngest are 3yo) are saddle broken and some already have more experience. Here a list of the horses who are under the saddle:

▪ Maralore (Kannan)
▪ Mentina (Hermantico)
▪ Macardento DM (Cardento)
▪ Levidor DMH Z (Levisto Z)
▪ Kannas Quidam J.K.H. Z (Kannan)
▪ Mobalia (Maestro van de Bisschop)
▪ Naughty Girl (Eldorado van de Zeshoek)
▪ Checkmate S Z (Chacfly)
▪ Brantza Wi Ro Z (Brantzau VDL)
▪ Macchiato (Ice Cream HDH)
▪ Casablanca Z (Cornet Obolensky)
▪ My Lord R (Fantastic Color)
▪ La Belle D (Caretino Gold)
▪ Valesca Polka Amouretta Z (Vannan)
▪ Love me Tender (Cornet Obolensky)
▪ Macallan (Glenfiddich VDL)
▪ Mirsinaa (Bubalu VDL)
▪ Mampshire Ryal (Hampshire VDL)
▪ Hertogin Eva (Arezzo VDL)
▪ Ilona Z (Ideal de la Loge)
▪ Monthelie-O (Berlin)

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