May 5, 2021 · Wendy Scholten · DigiShots · Youngsters & Ridden Horses may 1-4

The fact that online shopping for horses is steadily gaining popularity is clearly demonstrated by On Tuesday-night 4 May a large number of showjumping horses was sold abroad via mobile phone or computer. The most expensive horse, however, remains in the Netherlands, tried out by the new owner on the very day of the auction. The 7-yr-old eyecatcher Joyterma (Emerald x Indorado), who recently started at 1.45m level for the first time, went for 75,000 euro. celebrated its 10th edition yesterday, since its start a year ago. Hundreds of horses in various price ranges were sold since then. Some of the clients were old hands, but this time mainly new clients grabbed their chance. The USA purchased most of the horses, followed by Canada. Further sales were for Qatar, Turkey, Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Great Britain and Germany. Some of the horses stayed in the Netherlands.

“We are terribly pleased. Several horses fetched good prices. There were riders buying, horse-owners who place their horses in training, but there were also good candidates for the trade”, says Mario Everse. This was demonstrated by showjumping horse dealer Teus van den Brink, who put down 19,000 euro for the 3-yr-old that showed a lot of quality in jumping, No Mercy PH (Untouchable x Chellano Z). The most expensive 3-yr-old, going for 30,000 euro, was Noordman Vigo (Vigo d’Arsouilles x Heartbreaker), who will leave for the USA.

Mario Everse and Alan Waldman are already focussed on the next auction of 29 May to 1 June. “Again we offer youngsters and horses under saddle. We invite sellers to register their horses for the auction. The selection days and photo/video-days are planned for 17 and 18 May.”

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