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The two most expensive showjumping horses from part two of are close relatives. Shy Guy van ’t Meulenhof is a half-brother of the popular sire Emerald, while Ninerald van de Druivenstein directly descends from Emerald. On Tuesday-night 2 February these 3-yr-old stallions were sold online for 34,000 euro.

Shy Guy van ’t Meulenhof (Cera d’Ick x Carthago) can count on a career under a 25 year old showjumping rider from Monaco. Ninerald van de Druivenstein (Emerald x Nintender) seemed to be headed for Israel for a long time, then received a good bid from the USA but was eventually claimed by a showjumping stable in France. 

Two horses were knocked down for 19,000 euro: Dali Des Courtis Z (Dominator Z) goes to Germany and Neymar K (Freeman VDL) to France. There were also buyers from Canada, Italy, the USA, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. 

Sunshine Tour
“All in all, we had two fine auction days again and many people realised good sales”, says Mario Everse. He and Alan Waldman are already looking ahead to the next auction on 1 and 2 March. On Monday as many as 25 showjumping horses departed for the Sunshine Tour in the south of Spain, several of them can be tried out on location there. “We may still add a few special horses to the collection if we manage to find them in Spain.”

Playful change
“We were looking for a playful change. In this Corona period it is still very complicated to take a flight and try them out. Down there in Spain there are plenty of good riders who could try out horses for interested clients in for example the USA. Seeing and testing the horses live gives extra confidence. The horses will start in competitions for three weeks and can be tried out in the last week before the auction by interested parties. We can already reveal that they are very special horses, who will suit many riders. We just did the photo/video-day and they looked very promising!”

The collection is completed by horses that stay in the Netherlands to be knocked down online on 2 March. These horses can also be tried out.

April auction
After March, the next, in April, still has openings for free jumping horses and horses under saddle. “Our clients are looking for the better kind of showjumping horses and we hope that, between us, we will manage to find them.” The photo/video-day will be on 9 and 10 March.




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