Mar 2, 2021 · Wendy Scholten · DigiShots · On Tour group Spain - 1 March

On the Monday-night offered a nice lot of international showjumping horses that could have been followed at the Sunshine Tour in Spain these past three weeks. Locally there soon was a lot of interest in the horses. Their fine performances in the ring raised high expectations for the online auction. “We may have expected a bit more, where the sales are concerned, but it was fun to do and we learned from it”, says Mario Everse.

Never before did present such an exclusive collection of showjumping horses. “A totally different class than we auctioned so far.”

Not all the thirteen horses from Stal Everse and Waldman Horses got new owners, but there are quite a few that will cross the world. The farthest trip is for Big Heart Z (Big Star x Heartbreaker), who will get a stable in Saudi-Arabia for 70,000 euro. “A number of them can stay for the shows in Spain to be immediately started there by their new riders. And there are even several Dutch buyers for which we may bring the horses back. One thing is for sure, people have made a very good deal. They prices were realistic, sometimes a little too realistic, but that means that some people got a good chance and, who knows, that may generate new clients in the future!”, Mario Everse reflects.

Youhorse on Tour continues today with a very interesting collection of showjumping horses that stayed in training in the Netherlands. These are 4- to 10-yr-olds, for amateurs and professionals. Mario Everse and Alan Waldman are pleased with the large number of bids already placed online from numerous countries. The auction starts to close at 20.30 hours with lots of five horses.

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